rkc_erika (rkc_erika) wrote,

Ben Affleck as Batman

Yeah so when this news hit last night I went...whaaaa? Back in the '90's when Ben was in EVERY MOVIE on the planet - I made up a new name for him, I called him The Whore. In fact, I wanted to make a website at the time called Ben-Affleck-is-a-whore.com. It took my sister all of about 3 seconds to figure out who I was talking about when I broke the news that the Whore is Batman.

Now over time, I have a bit more favorable view of him - mostly because he stepped behind the camera and stopped whoring himself out to EVERY movie that came his way. I get that he's a great dramatic actor and I'd gotten to the point where I was ready to check out some of his recent dramatic work. Then this news comes along.

Ben as Batman???? Really? Out of the hundreds of possible actors they picked BEN?

My problems with this:

  1. Batman isn't supposed to be taller than Superman.

  2. I can see Affleck as Bruce Wayne...sorta, but I can't see him as Batman.

  3. Ben always comes across as a mellow, laid back, or at least an emotionally reserved dude. I just can't see him being dark and brooding.

  4. Anyone remember "Daredevil?" Yeah, neither do I.

  5. Ben is an actor's actor, not an action star.

  6. He doesn't have the voice for the part. You gotta be able to take your voice low to be Batman.

  7. On the plus side there likely won't be a love interest for him, which is good considering he always had ZERO chemistry w/ any female they put him against in movies.

Hell I could see Keanu as Batman before Ben Affleck.

Warner Brothers doesn't have the most stellar record for casting Batman:

  1. Christian Bale - Of course perfect - why? Could do the action and convincingly played dark.

  2. Michael Keaton - surprisingly good.

  3. Val Kilmer - I actually liked Val, but as a person he was an ass and got himself blackballed and lost the role.

  4. George Clooney - looked good in the suit and fine as Bruce Wayne, but NOT dark enough of an actor, was not the right fit for the part.

How will Ben fit into this? I have no idea. My guess is he'll fall in around Val and George. People are saying, yah yah everyone hated the news about Ledger too and look how that turned out. This is different. Ledger had a lot of range as an actor, Ben has areas where he really falters and lacks.

There is a bright side to this news - at least we don't have to worry about him showing up in STAR WARS.

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