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More Premeires this Week

So after being (and continue to be) underwhelmed by AGENTS OF SHIELD, I'm moving forward with things to watch. Several new shows premiere this week that I'll be checking out.

New Shows

1) The Tomorrow People - on The CW (airs with Arrow - which I'm excited about returning.) This looks interesting - I love Mark Pelligrino and Peyton List (Lucy from Smallville) is on the show!
2) Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - very unfortunate timeslot selected against The Big Bang Theory, thank god for DVRs.
3) American Horror Story Coven - Actually this might be next week. I'm sooo excited for this. I didn't watch last season because I don't like asylum type storylines. Angela Freaking Basset, Jessica Lange, and Kathy Bates. Add in Gabourey Sidibe and you have 4 Oscar nominees/winners in this cast. How in the world anyone can pass up on watching it is beyond me.
4) Ironside - technically this premiered last week, I still haven't watched the pilot yet. Blair Underwood as the lead - need I say more? Yum!

Returning shows

1) Supernatural - yay the boys are back! Excited to see what they're going to do with Castiel this season now that he's earth-bound.
2) Arrow - woot! Summer Glau is guest starring - we'll have to see how long before they just decide to make her a full-timer.
3) The Walking Dead - guhhh I hate waiting between seasons for TWD to return. It is literally torture. Good news though, AMC has greenlighted Kirkman to work on a second Dead series so we might have TWD all year!

Stuff I've watched:

1) Agents of SHIELD - I continue to be underwhelmed by this. I think it's further proof that DC might suck at getting their characters on the big screen, but they are MUCH better at producing superhero TV shows than Marvel.
2) Sleepy Hollow - This continues to be more and more interesting - 13 ep season and it's been renewed for a new season already! Woot!
2) Super Fun Night - My sister watched this and made me check it out. Other than the unnecessary fat jokes in the pilot (which are supposed to be not so bad by the second ep,) I thought it was pretty funny. Rebel is hilarious. The show plays kind of like a US version of Bridget Jones, but Rebel is way less cool. LOL! I might have a second comedy to watch other than Big Bang.

Anyone find anything good that's new on?

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