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22 January 2014 @ 04:14 pm
Hello - I'm still alive  
Hi All,
So you might've noticed that I seem to have dropped off of making wallpapers. Actually I have made some, I just haven't had much interest to advertise them considering I keep finding my works either A) Stolen B) re-drawn by other people who are now making money off of them C) used for over-seas merchandise that other people are profiting off of.

Here are some lovely examples of my walls being redrawn and sold:

 photo KGrHqJhIFEDYhSr8BREbrKQ6rQ60_12.jpg  photo T2eC16NyEE9s5jEbFPBR342GvEKQ60_12.jpg  photo T2eC16F0E9s37Fb0mBRhoJYFQg60_12.jpg  photo KGrHqNk8FF-p5pwpBRor35LHvQ60_12.jpg  photo KGrHqRo4FHFCZbB5BR34wgQTj60_12.jpg


 photo puzzel.jpg

It's disheartening. Fanartists are not allowed to sell their work, yet someone can pick up a pencil, draw our wallpapers, and then can sell them. I don't understand how drawing a promo photo is somehow not copyright infringement but somehow that doesn't fall under the same laws.

As a result, I am moving away from fanart. I'll still do pieces here and there mostly to keep my skills up, but my gallery is now broken and I can't upload anything into it. My sister is the only one who knows how to maybe fix it and she doesn't have the time. Instead I'm focusing on my first love, Photography.

 photo IMG_4935.jpg  photo IMG_8060.jpg  photo IMG_8065.jpg  photo IMG_0397.jpg  photo IMG_1358.jpg  photo IMG_4415.jpg  photo WorldTradeTower1987_4.jpg  photo IMG_1807.jpg  photo IMG_1996.jpg  photo IMG_6778.jpg  photo IMG_8943.jpg  photo IMG_3522.jpg

I will post some updates here but mostly I'm using Facebook to promote my photography. You can join my group HERE: Blake's Photography.

Also, I have photos/.jpgs for sale which include convention photos with celebs such as Misha Collins, Patrick Stewart, Amanda Tapping, Sam Witwer, and John Barrowman. Please go in and peruse my photo gallery. Please take the time to rate, share, and like photos - they can be sent to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. I can use the exposure. HERE is the link to my photo gallery. My full, HQ non-watermarked JPGs are $25 each and can be used then for reprinting (but not reselling.) Any purchases will go towards my being able to pay for my gallery hosting for the next year.

I'm currently unemployed, so any help would be appreciated!
.padawan_aneiki on February 10th, 2014 04:21 pm (UTC)
I am totally heartbroken that you're no longer making fanart. I completely understand the reasoning behind it but *sigh* You have such lovely wallpapers! I love having them as my screensaver and I agree with you that such stealing is so petty and ridiculous.

Well...I will wander over to FB and add your page to my likes but I hope you know I will be pining for your SW work in particular. Perhaps when I have a little extra money I could commission you for a few. :)
rkc_erikarkc_erika on February 10th, 2014 06:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks. My main issue is that I don't have anywhere to host my wallpapers in an organized manner. I'd consider using Photobucket, but they've reduced the size of the images that you can store there. Also, I have so freaking many walls, reloading them all somewhere else would be a nightmare.

Oh well. I guess we all have to move on and do other things.