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Hello all - FYI I'm not dead. I've had massive internet issues over the past year that seem *knock on wood* to be finally clearing up.

I haven't been doing a lot of fan art mostly because my gallery is broken and I can no longer upload anything to it. My sister used to maintain it but I think she lost all of the files, so short of her building me a brand new one (which she has zero interest in doing) I'm w/o a working gallery to upload and host any new artwork.

I'm sort of on the hunt for a replacement for Coppermine. Coppermine is still considered to be the premiere way to host things, but boy it corrupts easily so I'm really not interested in using it. I thought of trying Flikr - then found our I need s cellphone # for that. I'm probably the only person in America who doesn't own and refused to get a cellphone, so that idea is shot. I could probably start up a brand new Photobucket account, but that would be annoying. So, nutshell meh. If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to them. I'd prefer a host that allows to view page hits so I know what's popular and what isn't.

My current TV obsessions are: Sleepy Hollow, Game of Thrones, Arrow, The Last Ship, Outlander, Longmire, Manhattan, Bitten, and Supernatural. I'm looking forward to The Flash and not much else from the new slew of TV offerings. It took me a full 2 years to finally fully embrace Arrow, but I'm now 100% on board, it's my new Smallville...even though it lacks super hot Tom Welling. For the droolworthy hunky hotness factor, I let Greyston Holt from "Bitten" fill that role...rowrrrrrr....

So far I've only watched the pilot for Outlander and have the next 2 eps to watch. I'm so onboard with it. It's got Ron Moore goodness all over it and Bear McCreary doing the amazing music for it. The pilot is just mesmerizingly beautiful.

I'm behind on watching Haven, The Walking Dead, Continuum, and Once Upon a Time. Pretty much OUAT is going off of my viewing list, meh I don't care what goes on there. Dead and Haven I'll catch up on both before their new seasons begin. Our DVR completely forgot to record Vikings so I missed the whole second season of that.

I'm overall very underwhelmed over the thought of Star Wars Ep VII - I have an intense dislike for JJ Abrams that stems from my seeing him at SD Comic Con in 2008 and he took over the entire "Fringe" panel to talk about his favorite topic in the entire universe...himself. I'm glad he's only doing one movie then he'll be gone. I give him credit for agreeing to step into the ring in the first place because the Star Wars universe has the nastiest fanbase of all fandoms....it's so nasty that George opted to sell off his company rather than make new movies himself.

My sister and I are going to a special screening of the movie "To Be Takei" tonight. Best thing about it - George and his husband Brad will be there after the film to answer fan questions! Should be fun. Not much else. How have you all been doing?
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