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27 September 2014 @ 01:34 pm
7 New Outlander Wallpapers & Poster  
Sadly tonight is the last new episode of "Outlander" before the season goes on hiatus and doesn't return until April. Fans are whining - I'm trying not to. I know how horrible it is waiting whole years for "Game of Thrones" to return and they only get 10 episodes - at least "Outlander" is getting a full 16 eps for it's first season (the difference between it not being heavy FX driven.)

Anyway here are my new bunches of wallpapers and one poster from last week's amazing episode. As always the walls are either 1280x800 or 1680x1050.

 photo CJEveryonesTalkingTH.jpg  photo CJGatheringTrapped1280.jpg  photo CJHorseTraining1280.jpg  photo DougalMacKenzieTH.jpg  photo CJWeddingClothes600.jpg  photo CJHoneymoon1280.jpg  photo TheWeddingPoster533x800.jpg
CRICKET IS BACK BETCHES!cricketgrl on September 27th, 2014 10:12 pm (UTC)
Lights and rustic tones. You make these wallpapers extra moody and it works fantastically.

The typography is also equally good. Love your blends style! :)
rkc_erikarkc_erika on September 27th, 2014 11:35 pm (UTC)
I didn't realize I was going overboard on the earth tones for my latest pieces until I grouped them all together. Previous batches had a lot of greens in them. From what I've seen in the previews for tonight's ep greens should be returning to my next batch of walls.

Glad that you liked them :)

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