rkc_erika (rkc_erika) wrote,

5 New Wallpapers: Star Wars The Force Awakens & The X-Files

I have a few new wallpapers to share. I didn't overly love The Force Awakens, but I did like the main trio of new characters and BB-8 - so I've got some new walls of them. Getting very excited for the return of Mulder & Scully!
View wallpapers:   The X-Files Star Wars

 photo MS S101280.jpg  photo ReyJakku1280.jpg  photo ScavengerRey1280.jpg  photo BB8 Red1280.jpg  photo PoeDameronPilot1280.jpg
Tags: bb-8, mulder and scully, poe dameron, rey, star wars, the force awakens, the x-files, wallpaper

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