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Star Wars stand alone films coming...let the whining commence

In case you haven't heard, Disney announced that they've hired former SW writers to start working up 2 stand-alone STAR WARS features that will be developed and turned into feature films that will be independent of the new trilogy that's in the works. I'm not quite sure why this is shocking anyone, they said that this was going to happen at the time of the merger's announcement. Poor Disney, they can't seem to win. The first rumors going are that film 1 will center around Yoda, today EW said that they believe that the second story will be set between ANH & ESB and will be a Han Solo/Boba Fett story.
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Conventions 2013

So after my sister went looking at hotels in San Deigo, we decided that once again we'd forgo going to San Diego Comic Con due to rooms being sooo expensive. Must win lottery and get a condo right by the convention center...

Anywhoo - we've decided that we're going to instead goto Emerald City Con in Seattle in March as our getaway con. This year so far their line-up includes: Paul McGillion (Stargate Atlantis,) Adam West, Natalia Tena (Tonks from HP & Osha Game of Thrones, ) Danai Gurira & Chandler Riggs (Michonne & Carl The Walking Dead - both of whom stole the cast panel at NYCC,) Dirk Benedict (my sister is beyond excited - check another childhood crush meet off of her list,) Kristin Bauer (Pam on True Blood/ Maleficent on OUAT,) Walter Koenig (he's coming to Phoenix CC also,) Billy Dee Williams, Patrick Stewart, Michael Shanks, annnnnnddddd Gillian Anderson!

So I've already seen: Billy Dee, Kristin, Paul, Danai & Chandler - Patrick, Michael, and Gillian are my big draws. Other than Billy Dee, Paul & Kristin I don't have signatures from any of the other guests. Am sooooo looking forward to seeing and meeting Michael & Gillian. I love Patrick also and I know he's probably the biggest draw for the show, but Gillian is my #1 reason for wanting to go - my hero Scully is going to be there! Woohooo!!!! Also looking forward to The Walking Dead panel. Billy Dee should be good - will have to see what he has to say about the new films coming. We'll have to see who else they add - they usually add guests nearly up until the con.

Phoenix Comic Con has finally started announcing guests. They've got 10 people from Babylon 5 coming for a huge reunion panel - Bruce Boxlietner and Walter Koenig are the big draws for it. You can see who else is all coming for that panel HERE. This weekend they announced four other TV guests...I'm SOOOO excited! Kristin Bauer (yeah I know I get to see her again - it's ok, she's a LOT of fun and a hoot, she came to our con in 2011 and was a lot of fun,) Jewel Stait! Yep got to see her at NYCC this past October and now I can get her signatures. Maybe I'll bring one of my pics of her that I took from the Firefly Reunion panel. Also Sam Witwer! I met him at this fall's Syfy Digital Press tour and forgot to lug my photos around and didn't get him to sign them for me when I was talking to him. He scolded me for being a Star Wars fan and not having seen The Clone Wars yet. *Sigh* The Blu-Rays are EXPENSIVE for freaking cartoons! I guess I've got no excuse now, it must be done. Finally - the queen of all Sci-fi will be there Amanda Tapping! My sister got to meet her at the 2011 Syfy digital press tour - I'm going to have to bring A LOT of money for stuff for her to sign...especially if my Dad comes, that'll give him time to talk to her (he's her biggest fan!)

I'm so excited that they're starting out w/ lots of amazing female guests. They've got 4 ladies from Babylon 5 also - I don't know if we've ever had this many female stars before and they've just started announcing guests! Anywhoo - time to start squirreling away autograph money, big time!
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5 New Wallpapers: Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and Once Upon a Time

I've decided that I need to start balancing out the vast number of Prequel SW wallpapers that I've already made w/ a bunch from eps IV-VI - so here's the first round of those!

All available in 2 sizes: 1680x1050 1280x800

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image]